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Looks like you have a busy day ahead of you, here’s your schedule and important things. Also, there’s a new announcement from the Dean.

  • Creative Coding: iOS
  • Major Studio One
  • Creativity & Computation Lecture
  • Creativity & Computation Rec.
  • Internet of Things
  • Design For This Century Lecture
  • Design For This Century Rec.
  • Major Studio Final
  • Creativity & Computation Final
  • Internet of Things Final
  • Design For This Century Paper
  • iOS App Presentation



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New Professor of AI

We're glad to announce that Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company, and something else, is joining DT.
Elon saw some of the work coming out of DT and couldn't resist himself from buying the department.

After the money had cleared the New School assigned him as the new professor of AI! This makes extreme sense with all the work he's done with Tesla. Please stop reading, I've ran out of things to fill the space with. Thank you.

SURFACE: A film from underneath

Directed by: TU+ // Varathit Uthaisri

SURFACE is an experimental film, exploring the emotional journey from an underground urban perspective. This 'urban symphony' transforms human actions and street objects into beats that harmoniously compose a grand audio and visual composition. The film emphasizes the ideas of ‘point of contact’, ‘human identity’ and notion of ‘live footprints’.

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