• In Progress
  • Throughout my undergrad experience at college I was always on my phone. Always documenting what was going on with me and my friends. So naturally they would always want to see the pictures but I didn’t use Flickr or anything at the time so they lived on my laptop, along with all the party videos. They must have asked to see my computer at least twice a day, so, I thought to myself . . . why not put my computer online for them? But not just a simple upload to a Dropbox. More like creating a website that looks like my desktop itself. Give them the whole experience so that way they can use it whenever I was not around.

    This project is more about nostalgia for me than anything else. Sort of a time capsule for all our years spent together in undergrad. A place that will live forever in our memory and now online as well. Well, to an extent.

    You can visit the site here.